News Clippings

———- April 16th – April 21th

Occupiers occupy court to interrupt foreclosure auctions (The Brooklyn Paper)

Police arrested 37 Occupy Wall Street-affiliated protesters who stormed the Kings County Supreme Court on Thursday in an attempt to disrupt foreclosure auctions…
“We are calling for a moratorium on all foreclosures until some accountable and equitable process is developed…”

Occupy-Backed Homeowner Facing Eviction Confronts US Bank CEO (The Uptake)

Occupy and other activist groups focused on economic justice successfully infiltrated US Bank’s shareholder’s meeting at the Minneapolis Convention Center…

((CEO)) Davis promised he’d look into White’s foreclosure information and offered to help her. He gave White his business card and called over Bill Parker, Vice President and Chief Credit Officer of US Bank, and asked him to help White…

Wells Fargo Insiders Detail Foreclosure Fraud Practices: ‘It’s Exactly Like An Assembly Line’ (Thinkprogress)

A new report from MSNBC… provided an inside account of how Wells Fargo’s robo-signing department works… Documents required for homeowners to avoid foreclosure were ignored, left sitting on an unattended fax machine.

“There was one file where they weren’t even past due and they were in foreclosure status,” the loan processor said. “They’re pushing these files and pushing these files.”

US foreclosure crisis creating nationwide problem (Press TV)

A report from a child advocacy group First Focus says that as many as 2.3 million children have already lost their homes to foreclosure and another 3 million are at risk of being displaced from their homes.

Homeowners Bill of Rights faces stiff fight (San Francisco Chronicle)

Last week, the Assembly Banking Committee delayed two of the most important measures. The delay came after lobbying from the financial industry, which has fought off similar controls twice in the last two years. But Harris’ team is determined to continue negotiating in hopes of finding a solution – and legislators strong enough to cast a vote for foreclosure victims.

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