News Clippings May 2nd – 5th

Occupy Bernal succeeds in stalling foreclosures (SF Chronicle (Nevius))

This week’s cause was a couple, Washington and Maria Davila, who have been renting a home in Bernal for seven years. The bank was planning to auction off the property Saturday because the Las Vegas owner, who they say is suffering from cancer, can’t make the payments. But in the face of a large planned, whistle-tooting protest, the sale was postponed.


The two most-polarizing proposals of the bills package would push banks to assign one point of contact for property owners per troubled-loan case, and end dual tracking… The dual-track and single-contact bills will head Thursday to a special legislative hearing…

Sheriff Attempts To Avoid Occupy Protests By Evicting Atlanta Family Fighting Foreclosure At 3 AM (ThinkProgress)

“They treated my client like she was some type of drug dealer, some type of criminal, came in as if they were executing a warrant to find drugs. It makes no sense.”


Kathryn Clark, artist and former urban planner, has created a series of “foreclosure quilts” based on maps of urban areas, with holes representing foreclosed houses. These unique visual representations call our attention to the holes that remain after foreclosure…

Letter to AG Schnederman (NY) (LOCKERZ)

Today, a group of citizings is staging a sit-in at your office… Whereas most sit-ins aim to disrupt, outs will be different: our goal is to propel you forward… since the creation of ((the Residential Mortage Backed Securities Fraud Task Force)) over four hundred thousands homes have been foreclosed on…

Occupy wins home in North Minneapolis, defends Latino home in South (Daily Planet)

Alejandra and her brother David, two Minneapolis college students and activists for the Dream Act, took the Occupy Homes pledge this week to stay in the house which their Mexican immigrant parents purchased and are in danger of losing to foreclosure.

Occupy Des Moines protesters try to disrupt Polk County foreclosure auction (Radio Iowa)

Four Occupy Des Moines protesters were arrested Thursday…

“What is happening in this room is not right,” Doyle said. “People are losing their homes…an average of 54 houses per week get sold at auction due to foreclosure here in Polk county alone.” Occupy activist Jess Mazour was one of the four people who were charged with disorderly conduct.

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