Clippings May 16th – May 19th

Citywise: Oakland City Council rejects Civil Rights lawyer (Contra Costa Times)

The ((Oakland)) City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved expanding and strengthening a program to prevent blight at homes that have been foreclosed or are going through foreclosure proceedings.

Last year, 1,342 Oakland homes were foreclosed and 3,337 were in the process of being foreclosed.

Occupy Bernal Proves Occupy Movement Isn’t Totally Ineffective (SF Weekly)

So how successful has Occupy Bernal been over the last five months? … they’ve been able to stop one foreclosure and helped postpone plenty of others.

On May 19… Occupy Bernal is hosting a “Foreclosure Fighter Fiesta” between 1 and 4 p.m. on Andover Street. The event includes a potluck, speakers, and awards to those who helped the most in fending off those predatory bankers.

Protesters March In Loop, Demand Freeze On Foreclosures (CBS Chicago)

Occupy Chicago and Communities United against Foreclosures and Evictions gathered in front of the Citibank branch at LaSalle and Madison streets Wednesday morning, in a call for a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions.

Federal regulator questions Calif. mortgage bills (AP)

The federal government’s main regulator of home loans is objecting to mortgage-related bills in California and says they could end up increasing lending costs and harming the housing market.

Foreclosure-prevention efforts face obstacles in Sacramento (LA Times)

Large banks are pushing back against a Harris proposal to give homeowners the right to sue when not all required steps in foreclosure actions are taken. They also oppose a requirement that they delay foreclosures when borrowers have asked for a loan modification to lower their monthly payments.

Getting bills out of the conference committee and approved by the two houses of the Legislature could hinge on the vote of one key lawmaker, Sen. Ron Calderon (D-Montebello). Calderon has earned a reputation for being a conservative pro-business Democrat.

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