Clippings May 20th-May 23rd

Cruz Family Eviction in Minnesota Stymied (Occupy Our Homes)

Yesterday over 100 community members successfully forced the sheriffs and police to retreat after they tried to evict the Cruz family’s home.

and here

When sheriffs arrived to evict the home, protesters locked themselves to structures inside the home with bike locks. Sheriffs attempted to cut them out, but within 30 minutes over 100 supporters had arrived, and sheriffs retreated from the home. Police blocked traffic at either end of the street for over an hour, then also left the home to the activists who had gathered to defend it.

Efforts to evict Woodland family from foreclosed home delayed for now (Daily Democrat)

A family of six is relieved to be sleeping in their east Woodland home tonight rather than their car…

All that stood between the Ponce family from being evicted Tuesday morning was paperwork – and perhaps the support of a dozen members of the anti-foreclose groups Occupy Woodland, Sacramento and UC Davis.

The Long Foreclosure Fight. County supervisors urge banks to suspend foreclosures (Good Times)

County Counsel Dana McCrea advised the Board of Supervisors that authority to mandate such a moratorium or require more stringent legal review in the foreclosure process is “almost entirely” preempted by current state law, and the county would almost certainly be sued, probably successfully, if it were to adopt such measures.

Activists Occupy East Hampton Bank of America on Saturday (East Hampton Patch)

About 15 activists from Occupy the East End descended upon the Bank of America branch in East Hampton Village, briefly interrupting banking business on Saturday morning.

Texas Firm Sues Calif. Homeowners With Foreclosed 2nd Mortgages (KQED)

By demanding payments from more than 1,000 individuals in California, the lawsuit contends, Heritage Pacific has violated “the rights of those who have already suffered the emotional and financial distress that results from the loss of their foreclosed home.”

Heritage Pacific is nothing more than “people in Texas acting as vultures,” said Will Kennedy, a lawyer in the class-action suit.

20,000 march at Frankfurt Occupy protest rally (Huffington Post)

The protest group, named Blockupy, has called for blocking access to the European Central Bank, which is located in Frankfurt’s business district.

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