Clippings May 24th – May 30th

Police arrest three Occupy protesters at evicted house (Minnesota Star Tribune)

“We don’t want to be involved in these actions, but legally when we get a call from an owner on a trespass we have to respond…”

In a statement released Tuesday, the city said, “At the direction of Mayor Rybak, Minneapolis City Attorney Susan Segal reached out to Freddie Mac to say that the City is not in the foreclosure business.”

Under Wells Fargo’s thumb (San Francisco Chronicle)

We are foreclosure fighters… We are San Francisco residents who have suffered under the predatory lending policies and foreclosure practices of Wells Fargo and other banks. We are real people, your neighbors

Bank Of America Returns Foreclosed Home To Dirma Rodriguez And Disabled Daughter (Huffington Post)

There’s finally some good news for Dirma Rodriguez and her three children… Bank of America has bought the home back from the investor who’d bought it in foreclosure, and is going to work with the Rodriguez family so they can stay in the home… Rodriguez had reached out to Occupy Fights Foreclosures (OFF), a group that’s affiliated with Occupy LA

States Rip Off Foreclosure Victims (Housing Predictor)

Almost $1-billion targeted to victims of banking foreclosure fraud is being ripped off from foreclosure victims to be used to pay for other programs for states facing serious financial deficits.

Obama AWOL as 15.7 Million Homeowners Underwater (Huffington Post)

Wall Street’s return to record profitability didn’t happen by accident; a few short years ago the industry was on the brink of collapse… They were rescued from their own hubris with trillions in tax-payer funded bail-outs and backstops, and have come roaring back. Meanwhile, far too little has been done to support the victims of Wall Street’s criminal and negligent behavior.

Evicted Grandma Chains Herself to Spain’s Central Bank (Fox News Latino)

A 76-year-old grandmother who lost her home to debt chained herself to the gate of Spain’s central bank here Monday and asked Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to address the “injustices” affecting many people in the Iberian nation.


It seems public outcry and bad press shamed US Bank and Wells Fargo into dropping attempts to evict three families in the Excelsior. They took the eviction action off the court calendar, giving some breathing room to three Latina moms and their children living in the Excelsior district.

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