Clippings 6-18 – 6/22

California Statewide Moratorium on Home Foreclosures Rally and March (Rally For Homes)

Thousands will be marching on the State Capitol June 25th to ask the Legislature and governor to impose an immediate three-year foreclosure moratorium for California. Family Friendly-children encouraged to participate!

Occupy Homes Wins Crucial Victories for Struggling Homeowners Against Big Banks (Alternet)

It was Citi calling with an offer to accept — and lower — the mortgage payments, and also begging for an end to the stream of emails and calls. “Uncle!” they essentially cried, and another home was saved, in this case only a day before it was scheduled to be sold at a foreclosure auction.

ALERT: Save Archbishop Franzo King’s Home This Thursday (June 21) (Occupy Bernal)

Update: Wells Fargo finally got the trustee to postpone the auction of Archbishop King’s home to July 20, 2012.

Also see BayView article

Homeowner protests “dual tracking” (Riverside Press-Enterprise)

She asked for a loan modification. While on a trial loan modification, Johnson said she faithfully made payments for 10 months. Unwittingly, she later learned, the home had been put on a dual track: Loan modification talks took place in one office. The foreclosure process started in another.

Another View: Banks back reasonable homeowner protections (Sacramento Bee)

Rodney K. Brown, president and CEO of the California Bankers Association, is responding to the June 12 editorial “Lawmakers need to stand up for homeowners.”

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