Clippings 6-29 – 7-1

SUNTRUST BANK — You’d evict a 76 year-old woman who lived in home for 44 years over $41? (Mandelman Matters)

The woman is 76 years old.
She lives alone.
This is her 44th year in her home.
You’re going to take her home because
you claim she’s short by $41 a month in income?

Banker assaults home defenders (Youtube)

Bank of America manager attacks activists when they ask for a meeting.

Independent Foreclosure Review Still Available (Huffington Post)

The Independent Foreclosure Review will determine whether individual homeowners suffered financial injury and should receive compensation or other remedy because of errors or other problems during their home foreclosure process.

Who Owns Your Neighborhood? The Role of Investors in Post-Foreclosure Oakland (Information For Change)

Contains striking foreclosure maps of Oakland.

Since 2007, there have been over 10,000 completed foreclosures in the City of Oakland… Deutsche Bank foreclosed upon 1,511 properties in Oakland between 2007 and October 2011… 93 percent of investor-acquired properties are located in the low-income flatland neighborhoods of Oakland

Woman to Defy Sheriff’s Eviction Orders After Bank Backs out of Negotiation (Occupy Homes Minnesota)

Woodlands National Bank… called Anita and made a concrete offer to keep her in her home. But the following day, when Anita showed up to negotiate, she was told that the offer was off the table due to a minor technicality: she had called the bank four minutes too late.

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