Clippings 7/2 – 7/7

How the Left Stopped Foreclosures in the Great Depression (Socialist Alternative)

Demands for a moratorium on foreclosures became a popular tactic in the mass housing rights movements of the 1930’s. More than 25 states were forced to enact moratoriums against foreclosures.

Botched Transfer Leads to Foreclosure Nightmare (LoanSafe)

Sidnetta Smith and her children lived in the sandy-gray, two-story Conyers home. It was taken by a bank, even though that bank didn’t hold a valid mortgage on it.

Housing Crisis: Anti-Foreclosure Laws May Backfire (The Fiscal Times)

Warning: non-sympathetic article! But a few good snippets like

The Nevada law… imposes criminal penalties on lenders that try to foreclose without the proper paperwork. That has led to a dramatic drop in foreclosures in a state that was among the hardest-hit by the housing crash.

How the Big Banks Lost and Homeowners Won in California (Huffington Post)

The difference? … Occupy happened … never underestimate the amount you can do if no one takes credit.

Still No Results After Weeklong Occupation of Foreclosed Home (South Cobb Patch)

Occupy Cobb, an offshoot of Occupy Atlanta, is helping homeowners fight for their homes. Cobb United for Change Coalition and Occupy Our Homes Atlanta is helping Steve Boudreaux, an unemployed homeowner, fight for his Marietta home.

Also South Cobb Residents Occupy Man’s Home to Fight Foreclosure.

Anti-foreclosure group reports progress (MPR News)

Organizers with the group Occupy Homes say their efforts to help homeowners fight foreclosure are showing signs of success. Occupy Homes organizer Chris Gray says the 8-month-old group has helped three homeowners in the Twin Cities successfully negotiate with mortgage lenders… the long-term goal of the group is to build support networks so that homeowners can help each other.

Occupy Bernal Holds Protest in the Mission (Mission Local)

A group of about 20 people marched peacefully outside a Wells Fargo branch at Mission and 22nd streets on Saturday morning to demand that the bank stop foreclosures… the groups want the banks to stop foreclosures until January, when the California Homeowner Bill of Rights is expected to go into effect.


The high court… will decide whether a bank can avoid sanctions for filing fraudulent documents in a case simply by voluntarily dismissing it… a voluntary dismissal allows a plaintiff to refile their case at a later date. Consumer groups and homeowners’ advocates argue that trial courts should have the authority to overturn such dismissals when a homeowner shows that the lender initially committed fraud upon the court.


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