Clippings 7/9 – 7/14

Governor Brown signs Homeowners’ Bill of Rights (Sacramento Bee)

Gov. Jerry Brown heads to Los Angeles to sign the homeowner-rights mortgage legislation that lawmakers approved last week before going on summer recess. Attorney General Kamala Harris, who pushed for the bill as part of foreclosure relief legislation, will join Brown…

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Dynamic maps of foreclosures in three Sacramento neighborhoods, 2006 – 2012 (Sacramento Bee)

Few places in America grew faster during the housing boom than Elk Grove, North Natomas and Lincoln. And few places in America have seen larger drops in home values during the bust. These maps show every foreclosure in all three neighborhoods, over time, during the last six years.


Want to learn how to fight back against people’s homes being foreclosed upon? Want to connect with other Occupiers across the state? Every Monday night from 5:30pm – 6:30pm PST there is a statewide weekly phone call with Occupy groups across Oregon.

Occupy Marin defends Mill Valley couple fighting to avoid eviction due to foreclosure (Marin Independent)

Occupy Marin has taken up the cause of a Mill Valley couple who are trying to avoid being evicted from the home they lost to foreclosure.

Occupy LA Homeowner Advocates Call for Moratorium (Democratic Underground)

we need a moratorium now until this bill goes into effect — until homeowners have legal recourse to protect their due process… The latest LIBOR rate-fix outrage in London now proves fraud is truly at the heart of the current financial industry…

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