Clipping 7/26 – 7/28

Demand PNC Bank Negotiate With Yin Wong to Keep Her Family in Their Home (Occupy Our Homes)

We are asking PNC to immediately negotiate with San Francisco resident Yin Wong and her daughter Wai Cheung (PNC mortgage customer) about how to keep their family in their Bayview home.

Annette Steele rallies support to defend her home (We Are Oregon)

Ms. Steele is standing her ground. She has stated that she will not be leaving her home regardless of whether the sheriff wants her to or not. She feels that her home was taken from her unfairly. As an elder in the community and an active member of her church she is widely respected and supported.
“This is my family’s home, we have a right to our home. If the Sheriff comes and tries to take my home away, my family, and my neighbors will do everything we can to defend this house,” said Ms. Steele. “We’ll stand together. The system didn’t help me, but my community will.”

A video here.

Four Students Protesting Evictions Arrested in New Zealand (Community Scoop)

16a Taniwha is the first of seven homes to be removed on Taniwha St. There is a housing shortage all over the country, but the government is continuing to privatize public houses set aside after the Great Depression and the Second World War for the families of pensioners and families in need. With unemployment rising and an unlivable minimum wage, the numbers of families in need are increasing.

S.F. foreclosure filings down (SF Chronicle)

SF bucked a trend of rising foreclosure filings across the country in the first half of 2012… Foreclosure filings rose in almost 60 percent in large cities in the year’s first six months, indicating that many areas will have more distressed homes on the market later this year, RealtyTrac Inc. reported Thursday.

Three Years Later, 90 Percent Of TARP Housing Relief Remains Unspent (ThinkProgress)

Struggling homeowners were supposed to receive $46 billion of federal aid under the 2009 Troubled Asset Relief Program, but a new auditor’s report shows that only 10 percent of funds from various federal housing programs under TARP have actually found their way to borrowers.

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