Clippings 8/10 – 8/12. Lots of Occupy news.

Open season on foreclosures. Occupy Marin and the battle over income inequality (Pacific Sun)

The Mill Valley couple whose struggle to avoid foreclosure became a focus for Occupy Marin have been evicted… The Occupy movement sees foreclosures as just one symptom of financial inequality that eats at the heart of democracy. Occupy Oakland came across the bay to support Occupy Marin in rallying behind Goff and Graybill. The effort received national notoriety resulting in a media feast that featured affluent Marin and foreclosures.

Mortgage accord slowly helps homeowners (SF Chronicle)

“My husband is working full time, and we can pay (a revised, lower) mortgage,” she said. “I don’t understand why they want to put my family out on the street and sell the house to someone else for a cheap price.”

Occupying Chase Bank (Image)

Tweet: No foreclosures #occupysf inside Chase bank #ows #occupybernal
Caption: Chase initially said no photos but then basically gave free reign & faxed the demand letter

With new objectives, Occupy protesters insist they are still relevant (CBS Atlanta)

Nearly one year after the Occupy Wall Street movement spread to cities across America, supporters of the Occupy Atlanta movement say they are still operating, though with different objectives…

“We know we’re not wasting our time, because we’ve already won homes back.” Franzen said they’ve done that by protesting at foreclosure auctions, and on foreclosed properties, to prevent banks from coming in.

Anti-foreclosure activists celebrate in Minneapolis (Star-Tribune)

Activists from the anti-foreclosure movement around the country joined local organizers last week to celebrate several successful Twin Cities battles to stave off evictions and keep people in their homes… About 200 people attended the event at White’s house… including 45 housing activists from around the country. Occupy Homes MN conducted a successful seven-month campaign against Freddie Mac and U.S. Bank after White lost her job and defaulted on her mortgage in 2009. She won a reduced mortgage in May.

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