Clippings 8/14 – 8/17. Lots of Occupy News.

VICTORY! St. Paul Lawyer Saves Own Home from Foreclosure with Occupy Homes MN (Occupy Homes MN)

Paul Lelii, a single father, attorney for his private law firm, and St. Paul homeowner, has been offered a principal reduction loan modification by Bank of America.

The news came after a targeted campaign Occupy Homes MN led against Bank of America, urging them to renegotiate with Paul and four other homeowners. So far four of the five have won renegotiations, including Ruby Brown of north Minneapolis and Frank Clark and Kristina Darrington of Coon Rapids.

Occupy Maine takes on foreclosures (WCSH 6)

Occupy Maine is continuing a trend seen at Occupations around the country that have focused in on the nation’s housing crisis.

Three more Occupy articles past the link.

ACCE and Occupy Protest Foreclosures at Noe Valley Bank Branches (Occupy Bernal)

… ACCE, Occupy Noe, Occupy Direct Action Workgroup, and Occupy Bernal protested against foreclosures of neighbors homes at three bank branches on the afternoon of Saturday, August 11, 2012.

The protestors presented a list of demands to bank managers at the local Noe Valley bank branches for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan Chase. The managers at Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase faxed the demands as requested by the protestors, but the branch manager at the Bank of America branch refused to do so, so the protestors closed down the bank.

100,000+ Petition Signatures Bring Bank President to Negotiating Table with Foreclosed Homeowner (Occupy Homes MN)

Thanks to 116,000 signatures on a petition, a campaign with Occupy Homes MN, and widespread community support, Woodlands National Bank President Ken Villebro will meet with foreclosed homeowner Anita Reyes Wednesday afternoon.

Occupy Our Homes Launches TV Ad Campaign to Fight Foreclosures (AOL Real Estate)

Occupy Our Homes, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement, launched a national ad campaign this week aimed at inspiring beleaguered homeowners to battle foreclosure and eviction… The ad, which will appear on networks including CNN, Fox and MSNBC, is part of the “Occupy Spots” project, a joint effort between Occupy Wall Street and “whose goal is to provide an alternative to Super PACs by funding ads by and for the 99 percent.”

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