Clippings 9/2 – 9/8

City’s Lawsuit Calls US Bank One of LA’s Largest Slumlords, Asks for End to “Neglect” at Foreclosed Properties (NBC Los Angeles)

The nation’s fifth-largest bank has allowed more than 150 foreclosed homes in Los Angeles to fall into disrepair, making US Bank “one of the largest slumlords” in the city, according to a new lawsuit filed by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich… He termed the disrepair “bank blight,” urging residents who see problems at bank-owned homes to email… the fraud committed on Wall Street turns into the blight on Main Street,”


The last few years have been a hell I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. No parent should have to explain to their only child that on top of the grave illness in the family, that they are losing the home they’ve known since age 3. We have shown time and time again that we want to pay, and have given Wells Fargo everything they’ve asked for but they refuse to “Make Home Affordable” and chose to evict us without warning last week.

Also Royal Oaks House Battle Continues, Bank Taking Over Royal Oaks Home Speaks Out and Medical crisis, toxic loan cost Royal Oaks home.

Below the cut: Chicago protest, Occupy Tampa, Occupy Eugene

Chicagoans Fighting Eviction And Foreclosure News (Enews Park Forest)

Chicagoans fighting eviction and foreclosure will rally with Maria Dolores at the regional offices of Fannie Mae… For months, she has been reaching out to officials at Fannie Mae, but has received no response. Instead of opening a dialogue, they have notified her that she must be out of the house, where she has lived for 15 years, within the next several weeks. To support her, family, friends, and neighbors have committed to occupying her Rogers Park home until Fannie Mae negotiates with her.

Occupy Tampa not doing much occupying (Tampa Bay Online)

Protest picture

Occupy Tampa will morph into a “permanent watchdog group.” … The local movement has members who are experts on foreclosure procedures, banking and finance and are adept at spotting hot-button injustices in the news.

To draw attention to America’s foreclosure woes, Occupy Eugene is staging an art exhibit (Register-Guard)

Some 20 activist volunteers turned out Monday at the group’s current occupation site: the yard of a Eugene house in foreclosure and empty for more than two years. Their task? Apply a bright new coat of white paint to the weathered picket fence surrounding the 1920s bungalow at 1191 Lawrence St…

Embree got involved with Occupy Eugene in December, when she realized she could no longer make her house payments. She attended a meeting of the organization’s Foreclosure Action Committee for people who are losing their homes.

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