Clippings 9/9 – 9/13

Occupy Fort Hernandez (Occupy Fort Hernandez )

#FortHernandez is a militant direct action to stop Bank of America from fraudulently foreclosing on the Hernandez’s, a family of 9. Join Us!

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Bank loses all of family’s possessions after wrongfully foreclosing on home (RT)

Wells Fargo employees wrongfully foreclosed a modest home near a small town in California, removing and destroying nearly all of an old couple’s belongings. Alvin and Pat Tjosaas, who have been married for 56 years, lost three generations worth of their belongings when a contracted foreclosure crew accidentally broke into the wrong house. The Tjosaas had no mortgage on the house that Alvin had built with his dad as a teenager.

Citizen Support Cracks Bureaucratic Inhumanity Against Homeowner (Portland Occupier)

… the room was packed with over 40 people showing their support not just for Jackson, but for all victims of the various scams involving refinanced mortgages that have devastated individuals, families, and communities…

While she has received a reprieve, the outcome for Jackson remains dicey. But the odds were also against her standing her ground this long, a circumstance arguably due to the way in which community members bonded together to protect her and, by extension, themselves.

You Tell Us: It is time to start thinking outside of the box about foreclosures (Oakland North)

We are sending a clear message to big banks specifically to reduce the principal and put a freeze on foreclosure in this neighborhood ((Maxwell Park)) immediately. Stop selling our lives below market value. Stop selling our lives at auction. The investors, who do not have any interest in living in our communities — stop the buying and flipping.

Immediate action is needed and somebody has to hear this cry for help. Our government creatively bailed out the banks. Now is the time for them to step up to the plate and do what is right for the American people. My sister’s loan must be modified today. The Homeowners Bill of Rights goes into effect on January 1, 2013. Don’t let her be yet another dark statistic that is taking a toll on the City of Oakland.

Why Did Obama Hold Back Hundreds of Billions In Housing Aid? (Black Agenda Report)

The Obama housing policy has been to let the banks handle the crisis however they see fit, while refusing to spend hundreds of billions authorized by Congress for housing relief. Protestors keep calling for the head of Edward Demarco, of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, for failing to save underwater homeowners. But Demarco is only carrying out Obama’s housing policies.


One thought on “Clippings 9/9 – 9/13

  1. Aren’t banks money making machines? Why would a president who claimed “hope and change”, just do what so many administrations have done before, put those who know best how to play games with OUR money and lives, be in charge of supposedly making rules, punishing those who broke laws already on the books, and in our most recent Depression, save our country from falling off the cliff? We have lived in fo almost 30 years, and refinanced several times to take a little out of lots of equity, to improve the house, and pay off credit. We have been fighting for 3 years to get a loan mod., and have Never been upside down, We even filed a complaint with The Dept. of Corporations, supposed to help those of us who were definetly preyed upon by a lender that broke multiple laws, yet has repatedly refused to do as stated on Keep your home California, etc,Yet, no help from this governing body came. I used to be a somewhat proud American. Now I’m more eimberrassed. What’s become of this country, who I naievely believed really did care about our families, that when we fail, the country looses. Recently, reality set in, acknowledging, the freaks that are fat and flush with our money, will just finish taking the rest of their profits and vacation for a while, somewhere else. Because as I’ve been paying closer attention, being a global citizen, they no longer need to be based here. Extended family no longer seems to matter, What was once mostly a good and descent Nation, now reeks. I know it is only a tiny, few ,rotten people, but as any person who has ever had something go bad in the fridge can tell you, it absolutely stinks up the whole place. I know it is not going to probably save our house, and that may be a good thing because the stress has just about destroyed our marriage, almost killed my husband, and added 3 chronic diseases to my body. And although my husband has, by the grace of God, always been employed, we have been without the privelage of health or dental insurance for the past year. During which time, I have had 2 infected teeth, which meant it went systemic and could have killed me. This MUST BE A FIGHT WE DO NOT STOP UNTIL MAJOR CHANGES COME. If we give up too soon, all this hell will be for naught.

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