Clipping 9/18-9/21

All Occupy.

Anaheim Family Wins Eviction Stay and Loan Modification for Their Wrongfully Foreclosed Home! (OC Weekly)

As gazes were fixated on the space shuttle Endeavour flight in the skies above, the Gutierrez-Perez family and their Occupy allies announced a key victory this morning in the struggle to keep their Anaheim home… Yesterday we learned, after several days of contacting officials with both financial institutions, that they are no longer interested in evicting this family,” he added.

Occupy Demonstrators Remain Outside “Dual Tracked” Home (Fox40)

Demonstrators woke up outside a Stockton home Wednesday morning, their second day defending a home from being foreclosed on.

Members of Occupy Sacramento and Stockton set up camp outside the home of Sam Panella Tuesday after learning he and his family face foreclosure.

Occupy Minnesota.
Occupy Sunset Park.
Occupy Bernal.

Occupy’s Impact: Homeowner Victory Plants Seed for Others Facing Foreclosure (The Uptake)

In February, Bank of America called Hull and told the veteran that it would renegotiate his mortgage and he could likely keep his home. Before any papers were signed, Occupy held a block party celebration. At that block party, six more homeowners facing eviction felt empowered to speak out and pledge to stay in their own homes. They included a Bloomington veteran named John Vinje, a union laborer named Frank Clark who had once been homeless on the streets of Los Angeles for nine years, and a North Minneapolis church and civic leader named Ruby Brown. Bobby Hull’s fight and victory had planted a seed, and the Occupy Homes movement was growing.

Occupy Sunset Park: 99% Solidarity Takes Root in Brooklyn Community Where Tenants Stage Rent Strike (Democracy Now)

For the past two years, residents of the heavily immigrant neighborhood of Sunset Park in Brooklyn have refused to pay rent on their apartments in three buildings where the same landlord has refused to ensure safe living conditions. This summer, members of Occupy Sunset Park got word of the rent strike when they saw banners that residents hung on the outside of their buildings. They contacted the residents and have since tried to assist them as they resolve many of the concerns themselves. There is now talk of the tenants taking ownership of their buildings by forming a tenants’ association or an affordable housing corporation.

Occupy Bernal: Occupy at the local level (KALW)

… two-dozen San Francisco homeowners and activists are gathered in front of venture capitalist Peter Briger's house… "Come out and talk to us! Don't throw us under the bus!" Briger is co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group, which owns the company foreclosing on some of the demonstrators' homes…

The demonstrators are surprised when Briger actually does step out of his house to meet them. He listens to some of the homeowners speak, and then agrees to look into their cases. The demonstrators… want him to stop the impending evictions of two of the homeowners. Briger tells them he can't make that promise. But the next day, the evictions are postponed.

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