Clippings 9/22 – 9/28

To Save Their Home, Van Nuys Family Joins With Activists To Erect ‘Fort Hernandez’ (LA-ist)

“All their wealth was in their homes,” said Occupier Esho Funi. “There’s no wealth left in those neighborhoods, and these families are less likely to fight back.” In the meantime, the federal government used $700 billion in public funds to rescue banks who’d given out the failing home loans.

“If people were going to lose their houses anyway, I’d rather have not given the banks that $700 billion,” Funi said. Fellow activist Jesus Ramos agreed. “This is a direct attack on people’s right to housing,” he said. “It’s displacing people. They’re disintegrating families.” Occupier Adam Rice was blunter.

“They don’t give a fuck about people. They just want the land,” he said.

Occupy Noe: Homeowners over fifty face surge in foreclosures (El Tecolote)

Merrie Jo and Edzel Musni, a Noe Valley couple in their late 60s, had been fighting Bank of America for four years when they met Occupy Noe activists who, like ACCE, are part of a grassroots movement to reach out to beleaguered homeowners and point them toward resources, such as free assistance from a HUD-approved housing counselor.

The Musni’s modification application had gone unanswered and they were repeatedly told that their paperwork was lost. Occupy Noe collected 300 signatures on a petition demanding a resolution from the bank. “Within two weeks the couple got their loan modification in the mail with the interest reduced from 6.5 to 3.6 percent,” said Susan McDonough, co-founder of Occupy Noe.

Below the cut: Occupy Homes MN, Occupy Petaluma, Charges dropped again Occupy MN peeps.

Occupy Homes MN, Northside Community Reinvestment Coalition rally with Rose McGee against CitiMortgage foreclosures (Twin Cities Daily Planet)

20 minutes before the house was sold, the Espinosa family got a reprieve. This is because Occupy Homes MN stood up for… Colleen McKeen Espinosa.

What Has Occupy Petaluma Accomplished? ( Petaluma Patch)

“As a result of Occupy’s work, the city of Petaluma has created an investment policy barring the city from investing with banks that were part of the national foreclosure settlement”

Riot charges dropped against Occupy Homes activists (Twin Cities Daily Planet)

Riot charges were dropped this morning against Minnesota Occupy Homes activists Nick Espinosa and Matthew Van Grinsven, who were arrested while defending the Cruz house in South Minneapolis from home eviction this summer.

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