Foreclosure News 10/25 – 10/28


Occupy Denver members are staging an immediate action at the home of long time Idaho Springs resident Sahara Donahue. Sahara, who has volunteered with the Clear Creek County Open Space Commission for 12 years, is facing eviction by U.S. Bank after a long legal battle that, like so many cases of foreclosure in Colorado, involve fraudulent actions on the part of the bank.

Fort Lucero (Facebook)

When the Lucero family sent in the first payment of their loan modification days after signing the loan, their loan was voided and the eviction process began. After translating their pile of paperwork, the Lucero’s discovered that the 1st loan payment was due THE DAY BEFORE they signed their loan paperwork. No exceptions.

Portland Occupy activists go to bat for woman (Union Bulletin)

Activists gathered in northeast Portland Thursday to prevent the city from removing a woman from the foreclosed home she has been occupying for six months… The city plans to remove her because the house lacks water service and is unfit for habitation. Jackson has offered to pay the overdue bill, but the city won’t take her money because she doesn’t own the building.

Campers have turned her front yard into a mini-Occupy Portland site. Tents have been pitched in front yard and signs adorning the house read: “No More Empty Homes” and “Turn The Water On.” Activists rallied and later debated ways to achieve their citywide goal of moving people into vacant homes… activists on hand plus reinforcements from a “rapid response network” will defend the house when city officials arrive.

Below the cut: “The Bank Attack: Music Video.” & BofA neglecting foreclosed homes.

The Bank Attack (YouTube)

“The Bank Attack” project was born in the belly of City Life/Vida Urbana’s weekly BTA/Bank Tenant Association meetings in 2011 by Antonio ‘Twice Thou’ Ennis, a professional recording artist since 1985. The song has since become an anthem for the movement with a renewed commitment of solidarity among collaborating organizations.

Bank of America accused of neglecting foreclosed homes in minority neighborhoods (IndyStar)

Fair housing advocates accuse one of the nation’s largest banks of discriminating against black and Latino neighborhoods in how it maintains and markets foreclosed homes.

A coalition of fair housing agencies, including the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana, made the allegations Tuesday in a complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


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