Foreclosure Notes 11/13 – 11/18


Just one week following the eviction blockade that we organized to defend my family against eviction, Aurora Bank contacted me offering to begin negotiations on a solution that would keep me and my family in our home and to tell me that they would not be proceeding with the eviction!

Multnomah Co. responds to foreclosure eviction protest (KOIN)

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has released a statement after dozens of people gathered at its headquarters Friday to protest its foreclosure eviction enforcement procedures… On Oct. 30, deputies used pepper spray during a clash with We Are Oregon demonstrators who were protesting the eviction of a Southeast Portland couple.

FT Lucero: Protesters Help East Los Angeles Homeowner Fight Foreclosure (EGP News)

Six protesters were arrested on Tuesday following a day of action targeting an international bank foreclosing on an East Los Angeles homeowner… Tears welled up in the eyes of the Spanish-speaking homeowner, who was overwhelmed Tuesday by the show of support. “I got emotional because there are so many people who came to give us their support because they see the injustice,” Lucero told EGP during a protest and press conference earlier in the day in front of the German Consulate’s office.”

Community, unionists march on bank to stop foreclosure (Worker’s World)

More than 100 friends and neighbors of the Cullors family in northwest Detroit, including anti-foreclosure activists and dozens of unionists, gathered at their home Nov. 10 to protest the family’s imminent foreclosure and eviction… On Oct. 30, activists physically staved off the family’s eviction

Bondi struck bad deal on $200 million from mortgage fraud settlement (The Palm Beach Post)

Attorney General Pam Bondi assured Floridians that $300 million from a national mortgage settlement would go to distressed homeowners. She can’t keep that promise, though, because she’s given the Florida Legislature control over most of the money.


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