Foreclosure Notes 11/19 – 11/29

Woman facing foreclosure turns to Occupy Oakland (Mercury News)

ALAMEDA — They may have changed the locks and warned her she would be evicted, but bank officials are still facing a fight from Jodie Randolph, who has enlisted the help of activists from Occupy Oakland in a bid to save her home even as she battles cancer.

National Mortgage Settlement Shows Progress For NYS Homeowners (NY State Attorney General)

The report, which was issued today by the settlement’s national monitor, Joseph Smith, showed that over $625 million in consumer relief has been delivered to New York homeowners since March of this year… To date, 7,223 New York homeowners have received assistance as a result of the settlement, with each borrower receiving an average of $86,600 in the form of principal write-downs and other relief.

Columbine Survivor Turns to Occupy LA for Foreclosure Help (NBC Bay Aread )

Richard Castaldo fought for his life 13 years ago in Colorado and will spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair. Now, he is fighting to keep his condominium in Southern California. Like millions of Americans, he is about to lose his home to foreclosure… Surfing the Internet, he found a group that knows all about eviction: Occupy Los Angeles… Ever since their encampment was evicted from City Hall, they’ve made it their mission to help homeowners facing foreclosure.

Guilty Pleas in Foreclosure Fraud Cases (New York Times)

The founder and former president of DocX, once one of the nation’s largest foreclosure-processing companies, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to fraud in one of the few criminal cases to have arisen out of the housing crisis… In her plea, Ms. Brown admitted to participating in the falsification of more than a million documents.

Oakland Grandmother To Remain in Her Home After Bank of America Bows to Public Pressure (Causa Justa)

The auction of the Bottom family home of 50 years is cancelled and Bank of America has offered them a permanent loan modification at 2% for 40 years!

Mrs. Vida Bottom has lived in her Oakland home for almost 50 years. Mrs. Bottom was forced by serious illness and other financial crisis to close down her restaurant business and couldn’t keep up her mortgage payments. She applied for a loan modification THREE times and on each occasion was turned down.


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