Foreclosure Notes 12/24/12 – 12/29/12

Soledad Corona Gets Help From Occupy L.A. To Return To Her Foreclosed Home For The Holidays (VIDEO) (Huffington Post) A single mother facing foreclosure in the Los Angeles area is back in her home for the holidays, after she was evicted two weeks ago, thanks to an Occupy group that helped her force her way […]

Foreclosure Notes 12/16/12 – 12/23/12

Occupy Bernal Year in Review Video (Youtube ) “… that was my problem, that I felt ashamed …” M&T Bank: Turn Over 1043 Windsor Street!! (Occupy Our Homes) Entire blocks are filled with vacant and boarded up homes, increasing crime, and destroying the community. These same empty homes are then quickly snatched up by out […]

Foreclosure Notes 12/10/12 – 12/16/12

The Occupy Oakland To Occupy Sandy Video (YouTube (via Daniel)) The edited video shot 12/9/12, with messages and solidarity statements from Occupy Oakland to Occupy Sandy. Everybody’s Home: An Unlikely Alliance Challenges the Financial Borg (LA Progressive) In the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Van Nuys, houseless people have barricaded themselves for more than a […]

Foreclosure Notes 12/6 – 12/9

Woodland family faces eviction again as Occupy shows support (Daily Democrat) For the second time this year, around 15 Occupy supporters — and two Occupy dogs, Chica and Spock — set up camp outside the east Woodland residence to protest a family’s court-ordered eviction… The Ponce family — Alma, Heriberto and their four children — […]

Foreclosure Notes 11/30 – 12/6

Occupy Our Home: National Day Of Action (STL Today) To celebrate the one year anniversary of Occupy Our Homes, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement focused on fighting foreclosure and defending homes against eviction, there will be a national day of action Thursday, December 6th. Over twenty cities have coordinated efforts and will […]