Foreclosure Notes 12/10/12 – 12/16/12

The Occupy Oakland To Occupy Sandy Video (YouTube (via Daniel))

The edited video shot 12/9/12, with messages and solidarity statements from Occupy Oakland to Occupy Sandy.

Everybody’s Home: An Unlikely Alliance Challenges the Financial Borg (LA Progressive)

In the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Van Nuys, houseless people have barricaded themselves for more than a hundred days inside the property line of the home of the aspiring middle-class Hernandez family to prevent the family’s imminent foreclosure eviction…

Plainspoken Javier Hernandez, the quiet family pillar who who watches it all unfold in an open collar under a sports jacket, said simply, “We’re here to defend our house, everybody’s house now here, every person here is willing to get arrested for this house, so it’s our house. This is the community coming together to help us build a barricade.”

SW Atlanta Activists Implement Aggressive Strategy to Occupy Foreclosed Homes (Atlanta Black Star)

Neighborhood residents, who have now unilaterally taken control of the two houses, say they are practicing civil disobedience, in order to accomplish what no one in authority will even try to do for their neighborhood.

Meet the Robo-Witnesses: Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Tom Cox on New Practices in Foreclosure Fraud
(Firedog Lake)

Have banks cleaned up their foreclosure practices? Are homeowners still getting the shaft? Sadly, Cox told me that very little has changed with regards to foreclosures.

Yes, We’re Still in the Middle of a Foreclosure Crisis (FireDogLake)

Home seizures in the U.S. rose 5.4 percent last month, the first annual gain in two years… just because lenders “have figured out how to play the foreclosure game” doesn’t mean they are playing it legally. They’ve determined that they can navigate the system by wearing out resource-starved foreclosure victims… There is a knowledge on the ground that banks have had to engage in systematic fraud all over the country in order to “play the foreclosure game.” Judges have been slow to catch up to this.


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