Foreclosure Notes 12/16/12 – 12/23/12

Occupy Bernal Year in Review Video (Youtube )

“… that was my problem, that I felt ashamed …”

M&T Bank: Turn Over 1043 Windsor Street!! (Occupy Our Homes)

Entire blocks are filled with vacant and boarded up homes, increasing crime, and destroying the community. These same empty homes are then quickly snatched up by out of state investors, hoping to buy cheap and make a quick buck when the market turns around, leaving the people of Pittsburgh continuously held hostage. At the same time these homes sit empty, thousands of Atlanta families struggle with no roof over their heads at all.


On Wednesday Dec, 12, the Hernandez family met with a bankruptcy trustee where an agreement was made to begin making payments on the home again with a 5 year plan to pay their off their debt. This is what the family has wanted for years but was denied 4 times and negotiating with Bank of New York Mellon, serviced by Bank of America, was impossible.

However, this agreement has not been approved by a judge, nor has the bank responded to this. As of that Friday, Dec. 14, our stay of eviction has been lifted and #FuerzaHernandez is facing imminent eviction as of now. Sheriffs have stated that although they wish to meet with the family and supporters prior to the eviction, they fully intend on evicting the family as soon as possible, putting the family out on the streets just in time for the holidays. We Need a Miracle on Leadwell Street

Banks Want Nevada to Change Laws Criminalizing Foreclosure Fraud (FireDogLake)

One of the most successful states at restoring due process and the rule of law to the foreclosure process has been Nevada. The state put into law the simple principle that, before a bank takes someone’s home away, they must actually prove that they own the property… So of course, the banking industry wants to repeal the law…


((Illinois Attorney General)) Madigan filed two lawsuits earlier today against Mortgage FACS Corporation and Enlightened LLC for posing as professionals who can help consumers by completing so-called “mortgage loan audits.” In exchange for illegal upfront fees, the scammers promised to review whether lenders complied with state and federal lending regulations and to identify errors that could help the homeowner’s case for reducing their monthly payment or modifying their loan. In reality, many victims of the scam paid the upfront fee but received no assistance.

Summary of California’s Homeowner’s Bill of Rights (effective 1/1/13) (Mondaq)

Ban on “Dual-Tracking… Ban On “Robo-Signing”… New Notice Requirements… Single Point Of Contact… Additional Notices… Etc


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