Foreclosure Notes 12/24/12 – 12/29/12

Soledad Corona Gets Help From Occupy L.A. To Return To Her Foreclosed Home For The Holidays (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

A single mother facing foreclosure in the Los Angeles area is back in her home for the holidays, after she was evicted two weeks ago, thanks to an Occupy group that helped her force her way in.

Why Obama Won’t Help Foreclosure Victims (Black Agenda Report)

The Obama administration’s failure to spend almost any of the $7.6 billion in TARP housing money set aside for the neediest regions of the country seems counterintuitive. Why let all but 3 percent of the funds just sit in the Treasury Department’s accounts for two years, unspent, when millions of the president’s most loyal supporters were struggling to maintain a roof over their heads?

Oakland #2: 10 Cities With the Hightest Rent Spikes in 2012 (CNN Money)

Oakland saw rents surge, partly fueled by renters priced out of San Francisco, which is still booming with tech talent.

Would the World end if Banks could not Foreclose? (Daily Kos)

Bank of America, in common with many others of that ilk, flatly refused to work with us to modify our loan. The funds are available, as are the guarantees. Like many others we fit the criteria. In just about every aspect we, as a family, are the very poster children for all of the hamphemphump schemes that were devised, yet we apparently can not benefit. Why?

Occupy Madison about to buy Fordem Avenue building to house homeless (The Daily Page)

A volunteer-run group that has been providing services to Occupy Madison is on the verge of quietly buying and turning a Fordem Avenue office building into housing for homeless individuals.

Evictions Become Focus of Spanish Crisis (Spiegel Online)

Some 400,000 eviction proceedings have been opened in Spain since 2007, with roughly half of the families involved having already lost residential properties due to foreclosures. For most of them, these were their homes. Now, in the fifth year of the financial crisis, the evictions have become an iconic image of the country’s economic plight. During the first six months of this year alone, the Consejo General del Poder Judicial, which oversees and organizes the Spanish judiciary, registered 94,502 repossessions — and the evictions reached a record 532 a day during the first half of 2012.


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