Foreclosure Notes 1/23/13 – 1/26/13

Sit-in comes to end: Community victory creates path to eviction moratorium (We Are Oregon)

Portland, OR – A 20-hour sit-in at the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office came to an end this afternoon. Home defenders met with both Sheriff Dan Staton and County Commissioner Jeff Cogen to address bank induced foreclosures and evictions. The sit-in ended when Sheriff Staton and Commissioner Cogen agreed to the three demands that the home defenders presented as a path toward moratorium on foreclosure evictions.

Fort Lucero (Facebook)

A huge thank you to all who have recently brought supplies to meet the needs of those helping the Lucero family… The occupiers who are currently with the family have been here for 107 days, and others who were at #FortHernandez have also joined us.

Jennifer Britt, Detroit Foreclosure Activist, Speaks Out About How She Saved Her Home (Huffington Post)

When legal means failed to stop the foreclosure, she turned to Detroit’s eviction defense community for assistance. With help from groups like Occupy Detroit, BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) and her neighbors, Britt engaged in high-profile public campaign to save her home. It was an effort that included not just a vigil, but a blockade of a dumpster that would have been used to empty her belongings.

Hilda’s Unlawful Detainer Court (UD) Eviction Trial (Occupy Fights Foreclosures)

Currently at Santa Monica Courthouse, Hilda is going to her trial in UD court. Yes, we are living in a country that forces a limited-mobility 93-yr-old to go to court to defend herself from predatory criminals who are using their money-power to buy themselves out of jail.

Background article

Bill Makes Permanent No Tax on Mortage Debt Reduction (Huffington Post)

Camp’s legislation also would permanently establish a homeowner aid plan advocated by former Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.), who retired this month. When banks grant homeowners mortgage relief, the IRS considers the debt-reduction taxable income. As a result, struggling homeowners can face an unmanageable tax burden. A $50,000 debt reduction can spark an $18,000 tax bill — money that borrowers struggling to avoid foreclosure simply do not have. Miller successfully lobbied to include a one-year fix on the tax policy in the fiscal cliff deal. Camp’s legislation would permanently end the tax policy.

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