Foreclosure Notes 1/28/13 – 2/3/13


…there is still a huge inventory of empty foreclosed homes still sitting there dry rotting and crumbling. But good luck getting your hands on one of them… As I’ve mentioned before, banks have been keeping foreclosed properties off the market to restrict supply and boost home prices, and whatever foreclosure inventory appears for sale is immediately snapped up by greedy absentee investors-landlords.

Battle Report from the L.A. Anti-Eviction Campaign (Facebook)

… she was able to retrieve her dog and some personal items from the house… LAAEC members canvassed Mrs. Hughes’ neighborhood on Saturday, January 19. So far, 23 people have agreed to aid in Mrs. Hughes’s fight…

Occupy Homes Launches a Foreclosure & Eviction Free Zone (Socialist Alternative)

In December, Occupy Homes MN – in coordination with Socialist Alternative and other community organizations – launched the Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone. The FEFZ encompasses the Powderhorn Park and Central neighborhoods, among the communities most ravaged by the foreclosure crisis…

So far, 50 homeowners have expressed interest in further discussion and three of those, Gayle, Nafeesah, and Genet have declared publicly that they are refusing to move out of their homes.

Bank of America Foreclosure Reviews: Whistleblowers Reveal Extensive Borrower Harm and Orchestrated Coverup (Part I – Executive Summary)
(Naked Capitalism)

As grim as this sounds, the conduct was worse than the leaks suggested. After extensive debriefing of Bank of America whistleblowers, we found overwhelming evidence that the bank engaged in certain abuses frequently, in some cases pervasively, in its servicing of delinquent mortgages.

Part II
Part III A
Part III B
Part IV

St. Paul: One charge dismissed against Occupy protestor (

A Ramsey County judge has thrown out one of three charges against a man who is on trial for alleged actions involving a protest at a St. Paul law firm.

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