Foreclosure Notes 3/10/13 – 3/15/13

(Huffington Post)

What if your home was foreclosed on even if you never missed a payment?

Wearing Occupy SF buttons and chanting “PNC you know you’re wrong, don’t evict Yin Wong,” the group, organized by a coalition of anti-foreclosure activists from the Alliance of Californians For Community Empowerment (ACCE), handed out flyers listing the home phone number of PNC CEO James Roar and the cell phone number of PNC President William Demchak urging people call and pressure the company to let Wong and her daughter stay in their home.

Because Of You, My Family Has A Place To Call Home (Email from Joself Freeman via Occupy Our Homes)

When I first reached out to Occupy Our Homes Atlanta I was facing eviction in less than a week. In no time Occupy Our Homes Atlanta started a petition and organized an eviction blockade, which surprisingly worked!

As a result of everyone’s phone calls and emails to Bank of America I was able to stay in my home and extra three and half months. My family and I are so grateful to Occupy Our Homes negotiations with Bank of America. During negotiations Bank of America kept offering progressively larger sums of money to move out. My family and I finally decided it would be best to accept an offer for 10k to leave.

We are now safe in a rental home that keeps my some at the school he wants to attend, and we are able to begin shopping for a new home to purchase.

If it weren’t for all you ya’lls help we would have been evicted by force with nowhere to go.

Wells Fargo CEO Meets a Desperate Homeowner Facing Foreclosure, Flees (Daily Kos)

Wells Fargo Bank CEO John Stumpf’s keynote speech to the American Banker Retail Lending Conference on Thursday morning didn’t quite work out like he (or anyone else) expected. Midway through his address, single mom Betty Badro calmly walked up on the stage to confront him over Wells Fargo’s foreclosure polices…

New Report: Wells Fargo’s at the Bottom of the Heap (Daily Kos)

When it comes to foreclosing on Californians, it looks like Wells Fargo may take the prize. According to a report released today, Wells Fargo is responsible for more homes in the foreclosure pipeline in California than any other single lender… And not surprisingly, African American and Latino communities will be particularly hard-hit… This is the very same Wells Fargo that just had its most profitable year ever in 2012, with earnings of $19 billion…

FDIC Covertly Settled Scores Of Bank Fraud Cases Since 2007 (Daily Kos)

At the request of rule-breaking bankers, a top U.S. regulator has for years settled bank cases in secret, raising the bar on just how far regulators are willing to go to help the industry they regulate.

Home Is Where the Fight Is (Z Space)

In the wake of Occupy, the tactic is spreading. Activists around the country are placing their bodies in the way of police doing the banks’ dirty work…

In We Are Oregon’s network of rapid responders, volunteers take shifts answering the distress hotline and staying at resisters’ houses, so no one has to be home alone when the riot cops show up to evict – “and the people getting support commit to come help others,” MacWhinnie said.

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