Foreclosure Notes 3/24/13 – 3/30/13

Occupy Los Angeles (Facebook)

This woman is one of OLA’s foreclosure fighters. She puts up a mean fight and regularly too! Through her own struggle trying to keep her home, she has empowered many homeowners in their own struggle, mainly helping with the most complex aspects of the fight, legal paperwork and the courts. It’s tragic that anybody would have to become an expert through a fight against a fraudulent system, but absolutely amazing she has done this while lending so much of her time to help many other homeowners at the same time!

Home Defenders demand justice at Wells Fargo (Youtube Video)

We Are Oregon and SAFE (Seattle) deliver a demand to Wells Fargo that they not evict Judy Lovelett and that they renegotiate her mortgage.

Help GG defend her Home against the merciless Banksters! (Vimeo)

GG video with Orion in front of her house, explaining her situation and what led up to it.

We Are Unevictable (Youtube video)

Over the last several years of crashing home values and economic stagnation millions of people have lost their homes. Working class people of color have been particularly hard hit by the foreclosure crisis, and many say it has been used as a tool to gentrify formerly working class urban neighborhoods.

For the last several months Portland has seen the rise of a movement of people refusing to allow their communities to be fragmented, by moving recently evicted long-time residents back into their homes, and physically defending the spaces from attempts by banksters and the police to remove them.

South Minneapolis grandmother spared eviction by Occupy campaign (Twin Cities Daily Planet)

After a public pressure campaign led by Occupy Homes MN’s Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone, Gayle Lindsey, a nursing assistant and grandmother in South Minneapolis who was facing imminent eviction, has won an 11th-hour loan modification on her mortgage from M&T Bank. Lindsey bought the home in 2001 and was given an adjustable-rate loan that rose by a few hundred dollars last year.

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