Forecloure Notes 4/21/13 – 4/25/13

Episode 08: Oakland, CA (Radical Resistance Tour)

OOFDG stuff starts about 5:40 into the video.

The Radical Resistance Tour ( is an autonomous project by a group of Occupy Wall Street organizers. We’re touring the United States and interviewing activists, people participating in direct actions, and people working to create a dual power model. We want to show people who aren’t on the ground how people are being directly affected by decisions being made by corporations and governments that put profits over people and the environment. We want to inspire more people to fight back by featuring people who are already fighting back, and hopefully gain some shared wisdom by listening to how others are resisting.

Homeless Rights Act Says Homeless Can Sleep Outdoors Without Arrest (LA Weekly)

A new bill by California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano would codify new rules for how authorities can deal with people on the street. He calls it the “Homeless Bill of Rights Act.” …

According to the latest language in the proposal:

The bill would provide that every person has the right to access public property, possess personal property, access public restrooms, clean water, educational supplies, as specified, emergency and nonemergency health care, confidentiality of medical records, assistance of legal counsel in specified proceedings, and restitution, under specified circumstances. The bill would provide immunity from employer retaliation, to a public employee who provides assistance to a homeless person.

Home Defense Picture in Minnesota (We Are Oregon)

Jaymie’s redemption period ends today, but if JPMorgan Chase thinks she, Sergio, and Paula are going anywhere, they’ve got another think coming. This is an Eviction Free Zone. We shall not be moved.

Anti-eviction advocates open foreclosed home for owner (LA Activist)

Another set of locks has been broken on a foreclosed home, this time for South Los Angeles resident Cathelene Hughes.

On Sunday, April 21, members of the Los Angeles Anti-Eviction Campaign broke the locks on Hughes’ home located on the 9800 block on South Wall Street.

“This feels great,” said Hughes, 72, who had been living with her aunt since the eviction. “When you don’t have your own place you feel like you’re displaced; you’re not comfortable. It’s just stressful.”

“It’s feeling good to come home,” she added.

House Passes Negotiation Before Foreclosure Bill (GoLocal Prov)

The ((Rhode Island)) House of Representatives passed legislation last week, sponsored by Rep. Raymond E. Gallison Jr. to require banks and lenders to make a good-faith attempt to negotiate with homeowners before foreclosing on homes in Rhode Island.

“It’s in everyone’s best interest to prevent foreclosure… Lenders are better off if they can continue receiving steady payments, even if they are a little lower, from the homeowner. Communities and our state obviously are hurt when houses are left empty and unattended. And of course, foreclosure is a huge loss for a family, who is then at risk for homelessness and has lost whatever investment they’ve made in their home. We need to ensure that lenders are doing their best to avoid foreclosing.”

One thought on “Forecloure Notes 4/21/13 – 4/25/13

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