Foreclosure Notes 4/30/13 – 5/06/13

Fannie Mae Evicts Family in Foreclosure, Then Installs Armed Guards (Truth Out)

The family was evicted, but their home is not empty. A force of armed private security guards from McRoberts Security was immediately installed in Debbie Austin’s home. The guards have been on 24-hour duty in the home ever since… Since the Austins’ January eviction, Fannie Mae has spent nearly $50,000 of essentially public money to keep one home empty.

Photo of house with security guard.

Paltry settlement checks insulting to foreclosed homeowners (Occupy Homes MN)

Frank and Kristina were hoping for some reparation after losing their dream home, going bankrupt, and damaging their credit, but were met with disappointment when they received a check for $300…

Colleen McKee Espinosa went into foreclosure after Citibank refused to accept her payment on the due date after falling two months behind on her payments. She received a settlement check for $300. Citibank’s error cost her over $18,000 in fees..

May Day 2013, Shut Down Wells Fargo! (Occupy Fights Foreclosures )

Occupy Fights Foreclosures would like to invite you to a major Wells Fargo action happening on May 1st!

Wells Fargo is a foreclosure king against the workers, undocumented communities, low-income communities, the elderly, and the disabled.

Harolyn Rhue is a homeowner whose home we are currently defending against Wells Fargo. She is a disabled woman, whose home was fraudulently foreclosed on and sold even though she had over $175,000 of equity on it and was always faithful with her mortgage payments.

New Yorkers Speak Out Against Bank of America, Wells Fargo (NEDAPNYC Youtube )

A series of short videos with a title beginning “New Yorks Speak Out Against…”

New York to Sue Wells Fargo and Bank of America Over Settlement Violations (New York Times)

New York’s top prosecutor plans to sue Bank of America and Wells Fargo over claims that they violated terms of a $26 billion mortgage settlement, his office said on Monday…

Since October 2012, Mr. Schneiderman’s office has documented 210 separate violations involving Wells Fargo and 129 involving Bank of America.

One thought on “Foreclosure Notes 4/30/13 – 5/06/13

  1. I had a hard time trying to figure out why? Lawyers are not helping homeowners with foreclosure and loan origination fraud?So many families are in need of legal representaion and can not find affordable legal services and are having to fight through the sytem, Pro se’. It started out as a
    joke. You decide and yes you can laugh. It takes a honest lawyer!

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