Foreclosure Notes 5/14/13 – 5/16/13

Foreclosure? This Calls for a Campout (Seattle Weekly News)

Upon order of the King County Sheriff, Jeremy Griffin was supposed to be out of his home by Tuesday at midnight. Instead, starting late last night, he has played host to members of Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction, a group that grew out of the Occupy movement. They set up a large tent in his carefully tended garden, where a few people spent the night. By morning, several dozen people had gathered in front of his three-bedroom, which had been draped with protest banners, including a huge one reading “Foreclosure Free Zone.”

Minnesota via We Are Oregon (Facebook)

Rose Mcgee has won a settlement from Fannie Mae that will keep her in her home with affordable payments! The settlement comes after a year long campaign that inspired thousands around the county and was the impetus for the homeowner bill of rights which has just days left to be heard this session. Join us at the capitol tomorrow at 11am to celebrate Rose’s victory and demand that legislators pass strong legislation to protect thousands of other Minnesotans in danger of losing their homes!

Estate administrator sues big banks for wrongful death, elder abuse, breach of contract and other charges.

An elderly man “succumbed to the pressure” of losing his home to Wells Fargo and died at a court hearing fighting the bank’s wrongful foreclosure, his estate claims in court…

Delassus died at 62 of heart disease after Wells Fargo mistakenly held him liable for his neighbor’s property taxes, doubled his mortgage payments, declared his loan in default and sold his Hermosa Beach condominium, according to the complaint.

A BATTLE WON (Los Angeles Anti-Eviction Campaign)

… but the war continues. Today Ms. Hughes gave Strategic Acquisitions a taste of their own medicine when their ex-parte motion was denied for hearing today. Ms. Hughes eviction of the people who tried to steal her home has so far been upheld by the courts. The look on the commissioner’s face as she took the spot of the plantiff was priceless.

Tell the Bankers that the People are Too Big To Fail (Occupy Wall Street)

Join Occupy Homes, dozens of underwater homeowners, and hundreds of allies from across the country as we take action and risk arrest at the Department of Justice.

Bring Justice to Justice Rally: May 20th @ 1pm Gather: Freedom Plaza, 14th Street and Pennsylvania Ave NW – March to Department of Justice @ 1:30pm…

Home defenders, as well as faith and community leaders will rally to Bring Justice to Justice – demanding an end to the “too big to jail” policy, and relief for families and communities devastated by the financial crisis and foreclosure epidemic.

Wasted Wealth: The devastating cost of the foreclosure crisis. (Los Angeles Anti-Eviction Campaign)

Sometimes a simple picture dialogue is worth a million words…this is telling to the discrimination and predatory lending effects on our communities…it will not change if we choose to stay silent…

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