Foreclosure Notes 6/27 – 7/12

Our bank wants us homeless (Salon )

What follows is a story of how seemingly illegal, but very common, bank machinations affect ordinary homeowners… Eighteen months later, she has applied and reapplied six different times for modifications, without success. And many of the tactics she has had to deal with match perfectly with what bombshell Bank of America whistle-blowers have revealed was standard practice inside the loan modification unit… Every time Gisele would reapply for a loan, she would get a new single point of contact…

The experience has turned Gisele into a full-fledged activist, who believes that giving voice to the realities of dealing with the banks will create greater awareness and help others…. Through Occupy Our Homes, Gisele attended the May 20 protest outside the Justice Department, demanding prosecutions of bank executives for their conduct. She was arrested with dozens of others for attempting to storm the building.

Anti Eviction Campaign Los Angeles (Video)

Adam Rice and Ariana Alcaraz talk about foreclosure

Bank of America Twitter bot trolls Occupiers (Salon)

Bank of America’s automated Twitter bot might care too much. The bank’s Help account tweeted repeatedly at members of the Occupy movement discussing its “evil” practices with generic phrases like “Anything I can do to help?” and “We’d be happy to review your account with you to discuss any concerns.”

A picture of some LA Anti-Eviction Campaign Peeps (Facebook)

Tomorrow, from 5-7 pm, we will be canvassing Ms. Hughes neighborhood with her. Meet at the Anti-Eviction Campaign office 9815 s Wall st at 5pm to participate.

Lockout Attempted without Law Enforcement (LA Anti-Eviction Facebook)

Peter Baer’s minions are attempting an illegal lockout! NO Sheriffs present and no writ issued by a sheriff has been given! They arrived not too long ago to change the locks on Ms. Hughes home. They waited until she left to call a locksmith out to change the locks! If you are in the So. Central area come by and hold it down with Ms. Hughes!!

When asking one of the employees of the investment company performing the illegal lock out about calling the LAPD and not the sheriff, he responded, “They work for us”

June Foreclosures at Lowest Level Since December 2006 (The Street)

A total of 127,790 properties had foreclosure filings in June, down 14% from the previous month and down 35% from a year ago, reaching their lowest level since December 2006, according to a report released by RealtyTrac.

In the first half of 2013, a total of 801,359 properties had a foreclosure filing — including notice of default, schedule auction and bank repossessions. That’s down 19% from the previous six months and down 23% from the first half of 2012.

Banks are filing fewer foreclosures, with foreclosure starts declining 45% in June from a year earlier to a seven-and-a-half year low.

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