11/5/12 Bank Action for Jodie

On the day before the elections, we (including our allies at ACCE) joined Jodie Randolph in presenting her demand letter at the Oakland offices of Morgan Stanley, aka the “capitalist mother ship,” the bank which illegally took her home from her. Our small and dauntless group of activists closed down a major Oakland office building, leading to the amusing moment when the security guard told us how to leave without running into the protesters, until we told him we were the protesters.

On the same day, Jodie presented a second demand letter to Rob Bonta, vice-mayor of Alameda running for State Assembly, to demand to be allowed to stay in her home and to be able to repurchase her home on fair terms. Morgan Stanley agreed to work with Jodie the next day (Tuesday, November 6, when a truck was scheduled to come take away her possessions and evict her). Bonta also got in touch with Jodie and promised to work with Morgan Stanley on Tuesday.

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