Foreclosure Notes 5/29/13- 6/6/13

Anatomy of a Foreclosure (Pasadena Weekly) …last week, around her tenth anniversary there and after several years of seeking loan modifications from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage – which absorbed World Savings’ assets when it acquired Wachovia Bank in 2008 – Rhue was kicked out of her home. Shortly after 7 a.m. last Thursday, Rhue, who […]

Foreclosure Notes 5/17/13 – 5/28/13

The Death and Life of Chicago (New York Times) Usually when J. R. scouts for properties to break into and take over, he looks for ones with unmown grass, a sign of vacancy and disregard. In the past year, he said the Anti-Eviction Campaign freed up 20 abandoned properties, fixing up the buildings and moving […]

Foreclosure Notes 5/14/13 – 5/16/13

Foreclosure? This Calls for a Campout (Seattle Weekly News) Upon order of the King County Sheriff, Jeremy Griffin was supposed to be out of his home by Tuesday at midnight. Instead, starting late last night, he has played host to members of Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction, a group that grew out of the Occupy […]

Foreclosure Notes 5/9/13 – 5/14/13

California Homeowner Bill of Rights blocks BofA foreclosure (Housing Wire) A California man successfully halted a foreclosure sale on his property using… the Homeowner Bill of Rights to obtain a court injunction against… Bank of America… the injunction alone may cost BofA/Recontrust upwards of $60,000 when calculating in attorneys fees and expenses… The new case […]

Foreclosure Notes 5/6/13 – 5/8/13

BofA settles another mortgage lawsuit but is facing a new one (Los Angeles Times) “If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure, time is your greatest enemy,” Schneiderman said at a news conference in Manhattan. “Every day wasted waiting for a bank to respond, or for your chance to resubmit documents, is a day homeowners fall […]

Foreclosure Notes 4/30/13 – 5/06/13

Fannie Mae Evicts Family in Foreclosure, Then Installs Armed Guards (Truth Out) The family was evicted, but their home is not empty. A force of armed private security guards from McRoberts Security was immediately installed in Debbie Austin’s home. The guards have been on 24-hour duty in the home ever since… Since the Austins’ January […]

Foreclosure Notes 4/25/13 – 4/29/13

Error claims cast doubt on Bank of America foreclosures in Bay Area (Center for Investigative Reporting) Despite recent settlements with state and federal regulators and a new California law that tightens rules for the mortgage industry, banks and their subsidiaries continue to file invalid documents and foreclose on properties to which they appear to have […]

Forecloure Notes 4/21/13 – 4/25/13

Episode 08: Oakland, CA (Radical Resistance Tour) OOFDG stuff starts about 5:40 into the video. The Radical Resistance Tour ( is an autonomous project by a group of Occupy Wall Street organizers. We’re touring the United States and interviewing activists, people participating in direct actions, and people working to create a dual power model. We […]

Foreclosure Notes 4/17/13 – 4/21/13

Suicides Spark Eviction Resistance (In These Times) An estimated 350,000 Spanish families (and possibly more) have been evicted from their homes, and the average house price has fallen by more than one-third… The law allows banks to begin repossessing a house after just one missed mortgage payment and to seek full loan repayment even after […]

Foreclosure Note 4/12/13 – 4/17/13

Home Defenders (Youtube) People in Portland, Oregon, have been protecting families from eviction with active community defense since December 2011. More than 100 people are involved in the day to day work of housing justice, including one critical piece, house sitting. “I don’t want to do this… But we have to!” “Always a shift that […]