Foreclosure Notes 7/13/13 – 7/25/13

Politics: Chase, Once Considered “The Good Bank,” Is About to Pay Another Massive Settlement (Rolling Stone)

In the three-year period between 2009-2012, Chase paid out over $16 billion in litigation costs… There couldn’t possibly be a clearer demonstration of the modern banking model, in which companies break rules/laws as a matter of course, and simply pay fines as a cost – a significant cost – of doing business…

There have been so many settlements with so many agencies around the world… that they’re almost impossible to count. Some papers are reporting that Chase is being investigated by as many as eight different agencies in the U.S. alone.

2 arrests as community thwarts illegal eviction attempt at Ceballos home (Occupy Homes MN )

75 community members turned back 30 sheriffs in their attempt to evict the Ceballos home today. Two home defenders were arrested in acts of civil disobedience.

Under orders from sheriff Richard Stanek, deputies kicked in the door without warning at 12:40pm this afternoon. One home defender was cut out of a barrel filled with concrete by deputies wielding a jackhammer and saw.

400,000 Foreclosure Settlement Checks Sent To Wrong Address (Huffington Post)

Worles is one of 4.2 million homeowners who qualify for a share of the $3.6 billion in cash payouts as part of the foreclosure abuse deal. And she’s one of 400,000 whose checks could not be delivered because they were sent to the wrong address, according to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Ohio Bank Forecloses On Wrong Home, Sells Owner Katie Barnett’s Belongings (Huffington Post)

She says all her possessions in Vinton County, Ohio, disappeared when Wellston First National Bank confused her home with the house across the street, foreclosed on it, changed the locks, and then sold or trashed everything — all while she was out of town for two weeks.

Activists target Bank of America branch in Oak Park (MENAFN)

About 20 members of Occupy Sacramento and other groups waged the protest in front of the 3810 Broadway location, saying they wanted to deliver a letter to bank executives complaining about BofA’s foreclosure activities.

They were denied entrance and the bank locked its doors to customers and protesters alike for at least 90 minutes, said protester Lisa Wuriu.

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