11/20/12 Bank Action for Jodie

This report on Daily Kos is as good a description as any (even though it was written by someone who wasn’t there).

Here’s Jodie, reading the letter Morgan Stanley wouldn’t accept, at the plaza in front of the 52-story skyscraper they locked down rather than let 15 of us near the doors with protest signs.


If you don’t feel like reading the Daily Kos link, basically Jodie went early with a companion, but Morgan Stanley wouldn’t let her in. (This is not the kind of bank that has walk-in storefront space; this is the kind of bank that has classy office space in big high-security office towers, where only people with prior invitations can come in.) About 15 of us followed over once she had been refused. We walked through city streets with protest signs, went up to the building plaza, and hung around the makeshift barricade, making the security guy behind the barricade nervous. Jodie came out and read her demand letter.

Then we went home.

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