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Sheriffs evict GG Winter.

#defendjodie Jodie Randolph reading her demand letter at Morgan Stanley office in SF.

First day of #defendjodie

  • Bank action in defense of Katie Mitchell. Occupy Oakland & ACCE peeps Occupy a bank with Katie Mitchell.
  • Katie Mitchell. OOFDG & allies successfully pressure Chase Bank into giving Katie Mitchell a loan modification.
  • Action against BofA. OOFDG gathers with Mr. Harris to go to Bank of America in Fruitvale to protest his upcoming foreclosure and request that the bank send a letter demanding a loan modification to bank executives.
  • Banner making. OOFDG prepares for May Day, 2012, making a banner which will be carried from the starting point at the Fruitvale BART the three miles back to Oscar Grant Plaza.
  • OOFDG Collage & Messages of Hope.
  • June 15th, 2012 March. OOFDG, OO Anti-Repression Committee & friends march against the Sheriff’s Department for putting people out of their homes.
  • More June 15th march and rally.

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