News Clippings April 29th – May 2nd

Hopeful Sign For Occupy-Backed Homeowner Facing Foreclosure (The Uptake)

For months US Bank has denied having any control over foreclosure proceedings against North Minneapolis homeowner Monique White, but now US Bank officials are working quietly behind the scenes, apparently to help her.

For Occupy activist, battle on foreclosure hits home (Star Tribune)

When she received the notice for the sheriff’s sale, Colleen recalls telling Nick: “You’re not bringing those Occupy people over here.” Today, a large banner that says “Stop Foreclosures” hangs on the front of the house…

Since Colleen began to fight back, with the help of her son and his friends, the bank has indicated it’s willing to work with her. She’s optimistic she will eventually save her home.

“They Stole My House When I Had Cancer.” (News 10)

“We’re saying is enough is enough; and we’re her to say stop taking that dirty money from these bankers,” ACCE Rose Gudiel said. “We are gonna make sure that all of these legislators do get exposed if they continue to take this dirty money.”

Note: Title is a quote taken from the video embedded in the article.

Foreclosure Pipeline Slows to Dribble Because of New Hawaii Law (Hawaii Reporter )

((In Hawaii)) the fact that banks could essentially no longer use the relatively quicker, easier non-judicial process to foreclose was a benefit not only to homeowners hoping to stay in their homes, but also to those listing their homes as short sales.

Few borrowers applying for foreclosure reviews (Kathleen Pender, SF Chronicle columnist)

federal banking regulators last year ordered 14 mortgage servicers to send a letter to every borrower whose primary residence was in any stage of the foreclosure process in 2009 or 2010 and give them the opportunity to have their case reviewed by an independent auditor at no charge. To get the free review, borrowers have to submit a five-page form.

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