Foreclosure Notes 2/25/13 – 3/9/13

Going Public Can Help Homeowners Facing Foreclosure (Interlochen Public Radio)

She could still pay the bills without talking with the bank. But Sawaquat says the problem was that she needed a loan modification. Without her husband, she could no longer afford the house on her own. And, since Lewis’ death was shortly after the 2008 economic crash, she says she couldn’t sell for what she owed either.

“It was a nightmare,” she says. “It was an absolute nightmare. And then when Occupy and Moratorium Now got involved, that’s when actual action started to take place.”

Wells Fargo Typo Victim Dies in Court (LA Weekly)

Larry Delassus’ heart stopped as he watched his attorney argue his negligence and discrimination case against banking behemoth Wells Fargo.

As court documents obtained by L.A. Weekly show, after admitting its error, Wells Fargo foreclosed on Delassus anyway and sold his condo.

Also see Wells Fargo Has MORE Blood On Its Hands.

Minneapolis woman moves into vacant, foreclosed home (KARE)

There’s a very unorthodox renovation project underway in south Minneapolis, at a home that was built 113 years ago…

English decided to move into the vacant, rundown home as part of a protest action by Occupy Homes MN, a group that uses demonstrations and civil disobedience to pressure banks to work with homeowners.

Whistleblower: Wells Fargo Fabricated and Altered Mortgage Documents on a Mass Basis (Naked Capitalism)

A contractor who worked at a Wells Fargo facility in Minnesota reports that the bank engaged in systematic, large scale alteration of mortgage notes and fabrication of related documents in preparation for foreclosure…

A team of roughly 100 temps divided across two shifts would review borrower notes (the IOU) to see whether they met a set of requirements the bank set up. Any that did not pass (and notes in securitized trusts were almost always failed) went to another unit in the same facility. They would later come back to the review team to check if the fixes and fabrications had been done correctly.

The Theft of Everyone’s Home: A Personal Account of the Fall of #FuerzaHernandez (Facebook)

At 4:30 am om December 27, 2012, over 200 members of “Law Enforcement,” including some 50 LA county sheriffs deputies, and more than 150 lapd officers descended on 14620 Leadwell st. in Van Nuys…

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