Foreclosure Notes 5/6/13 – 5/8/13

BofA settles another mortgage lawsuit but is facing a new one (Los Angeles Times)

“If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure, time is your greatest enemy,” Schneiderman said at a news conference in Manhattan. “Every day wasted waiting for a bank to respond, or for your chance to resubmit documents, is a day homeowners fall further behind, accumulate more fees and more interest. These delays often make the difference between a family staying in their home or being displaced.”

Housing Is For Everyone (HousingIsForEveryone)

HIFE launched on May Day 2013 as a network of individuals and organizations committed to carrying out the work of Housing Justice in Portland Oregon.

Basic principles:

1) Everyone has a right to shelter that is safe and livable – Housing is a Human Right

2) Keep people in their homes – stopping foreclosure, unjust evictions

3) No more empty homes – there are more than enough houses and apartments for everyone but living spaces are left empty while people go without shelter.

We are here to make the above agreements a reality in our city. We will unite with other organizations and individuals to accomplish this work collectively. We call on all supporters and allies of housing justice to join with us to take action until Housing Is For Everyone!

N.Y. to sue BofA, Wells over compliance (San Francisco Chronicle)

Last week, a federal judge for the Eastern District of California granted a preliminary injunction prohibiting Bank of America from carrying out a foreclosure sale in West Sacramento because the borrower, Kevin Singh, was in the process of seeking a modification. The judge, Morrison England, found the sale would have violated the provision in the bill of rights prohibiting dual tracking.

“This is the first written opinion I am aware of” in a case brought under the bill of rights, said Kent Qian, an attorney with the National Housing Law Project.

Occupy Protesters Shut Down Wells Fargo Over ‘Fraudulent Foreclosures’ (City Watch LA)

Upset with Wells Fargo’s foreclosure practices, protesters held a demonstration Wednesday that briefly shut down one of the bank’s branches in downtown Los Angeles.

The action was organized by Occupy Fights Foreclosures, an Occupy Los Angeles subcommittee that has been assisting homeowners fight what they consider are fraudulent foreclosures.

About 80 activists, which included foreclosed homeowners, stood in front of the bank’s entrance for a half hour before joining the nearby May Day demonstration held by the Southern California Immigration Coalition.

“Too many families are being thrown out into the streets,” said Carlos Marroquin, an organizer for Occupy Fights Foreclosures. “Wells Fargo has already paid over a billion dollars in settlements because of their predatory lending practices. It goes to show you that they are not ashamed of what they do.”

Is There A “Zombie House” In Concord Near You? (Concord Patch)

It’s not exactly “Night of the Living Dead,” but there are apparently nearly 2,000 so-called “zombie houses” in the East Bay right now.

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